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The hamsa, or hamsa hand, is a talisman from the ancient Middle East. In its most common form, the amulet is shaped like a hand with three extended fingers in the middle and a curved thumb or pinky finger on either side. It is thought to protect against the “evil eye." 

Amber is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing. Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. Amber is also said to help manifest desires and if you are here, you must have a desire to save the bees! So when you choose this pendant, you're consciously choosing to use your energy and goodwill to manifest a planet where the bees are abundantly thriving once more!

Among many cultures, Turquoise was sacred in its adornment and for power, luck, and protection. Turquoise represents the wisdom that comes from all of life’s experiences. It reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the totality of who we are and what we have learned. A wise person understands the magnitude of the importance of the declining bee population, so if that's you, this pendant should be yours!

Materials: Raw Honeycomb, Amber, Turquoise, Organic Florida Tree Slice, Brown Adjustable Braided Cord Chain

No plants or animals were harmed in the making of this pendant. Each pendant is handmade and no two pendants are the same.