• $ 65.00

This combination of Rainbow Aura Quartz and honeycomb creates a feminine pop of absolute magic. The brilliant color of "Flame Aura" (Rainbow Titanium coloring) is the result of optical interference effects produced by layers of titanium. Since only electricity is used to deposit the titanium layers and create these colors, very little heat is involved and the integrity of the crystal is maintained. Druze Quartz is said to enhance energy! It's no secret that the bees need all of the energy we can put toward the helpless situation they're currently in - so when you choose this pendant, you're making a conscious effort to give your energy to being a help and making a change on this planet.

Materials: Raw Beeswax, Rainbow Druzy Quartz, Organic Florida Tree Slice, Brown Adjustable Braided Cord Chain

No plants or animals were harmed in the making of this pendant. Each pendant is handmade and no two pendants are the same.