How We Began

Hi, I'm Emma, the founder of Bee Conscious Pendants, and when I saw this picture from Whole Foods for the first time, I was shocked. I had heard about "saving the bees" but how could I have overlooked the severity of Colony Collapse Disorder? Why is this catastrophic phenomenon no longer in public consciousness if the danger still ensues? What could I possibly do to change this situation? Immediately, crystal clear pieces of inspiration from all different aspects of my life seemed to unite to form a mosaic masterpiece of art in my mind - the idea for Bee Conscious Pendants. I decided I would use my art to create change and help save the bees... and in one moment, Bee Conscious Pendants was born.

 Other Ways You Can Help:

Aside from purchasing a pendant, you can also plant any of these flowers to make a direct impact on the well "beeing" of our planet - and specifically, the bees.

  1. Lavandula spp. (Lavender)
  2. Rosemarinus officinalis (Rosemary)
  3. Salvia spp. (Sage)
  4. Echinacea spp. (Coneflower)
  5. Helianthus spp. (Sunflower)
  6. Cercis spp. (Redbud)
  7. Nepeta spp. (Catnip)
  8. Penstemon spp. (Penstemon)
  9. Stachys spp. (Lamb’s ears)
  10. Verbena spp. (Verbena)
  11. Phacelia spp. (Bells or Phacelia)
  12. Aster spp. (Aster)
  13. Rudbeckia spp. (Black-eyed Susan)
  14. Origanum spp. (Oregano)
  15. Achilliea millefolium (Yarrow)

With Passion and Purpose,

Emma @ Bee Conscious Pendants